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Community Welfare Program

Silver Lining (Single Parent)

Raising the future generation with parents who are left to raise them all alone.


Why the Silver Lining program?

Parenthood is a responsibility that comes with its various blessing and challenges which can vary according to individual circumstances. However, the challenges faced by a single parent (a mother or a father) can be twice as difficult especially when they are left to raise their children, earn an income and manage the household on their own.

Through this program, we hope to raise awareness and address the impact of living in a single parent household, especially where one parent is responsible for multiple children, can have negative impacts on the children which hinder their development into adulthood. Our Australian Muslim community has experienced these situations which has lead to the consequent generation feeling withdrawn and deprived of their needs and rights, solely due to limitations or lack of resources that they could have with collective community support.

Who is this program for?

The Silver Lining program is designed to support mothers or fathers who are raising one or more children as a single parent, specifically following major familial events such as a divorce or separation of the parents. We hope to provide these single parents, and their dependent children, access to appropriate resources, services and community connections in order to help supplement the absence of support from the other parent.

Support provided through this program includes, but is not limited to, financial support, activities to improve the family’s wellbeing, tutoring and mentoring services, counselling sessions for parents and children, and more.

Eligibility & Application process

The application and validation process is done by the NZF Team with confidentiality. Any information given will only be used to determine the best way we can help you.

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Program Partners

National Zakat Foundation Australia is running the Silver Lining Program in partnership with the below program partners.

Service Partners

National Zakat Foundation Australia is running the Silver Lining Program in partnership with the below service partners.

Dreem Fitness

Women's Health and Fitness

Imam Yahya Ibrahim

Imam & Community Leader

Mohamed Rima Counselling

Counselling Services

LawBridge Lawyers & Consultants

Community Services

Sydney Metro Services (NSW) P/L

Community Services

MIA - Liverpool Islamic Centre

Community Organisation

Q&Q Accounting

Financial Services

United Muslims of Australia (UMA)

Community Services

Al Hafiz Quranic Centre

Quran School


Education & Consultation Services

Islamic Centre of Western Australia

Community Centre

Invictus Solutions

Counselling and Mentoring Services

Metamorphosis Coaching

Coaching & Mentoring Services

Ummah Jameelah

Islamic Playgroup Services

Circle Bridge Legal

Legal Advisory Services

IES (Inspire Educate Support)

Mentoring and Tutoring Services


Islamic Bookstore and Resources

Community Support Services (CSS)

Non-Profit Social Enterprise

Garden Maintenance and Care (GMC)

Community Services

Car Physio Automotive

Vehicle Services

BOSS Fitness

Women's Health and Fitness

You Matter Therapeutic Counselling

Counselling Services


Counselling & Psychotherapy Private Practice

Female Futsal League


Holistic Counselling with Zeynep

Counselling Services

Nusaybah Aabida Pavia

Sewing Workshops

Fitrah Counselling

Counselling Services

Sacred Balance

Counselling Services

Soul Insight Counselling

Counselling Services

Islamic Women's Welfare Associatio...

Women Support Services

The Muslima Mindset

Coaching & Mentoring Services

Bureau Of Islamic Marriage & Couns...

Counselling Services

Marriage Fitness Coaching

Coaching and Trauma Informed Therapy Services

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