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About LawBridge Lawyers & Consultants

LawBridge is an exciting development in the Sydney (and more broadly Australian) legal market: a team of experienced and pragmatic practitioners coming from a diverse range of legal backgrounds to create a unique amalgamation of skill, real world exposure and an understanding of corporate and community leadership.

They are a full-service law firm that is characterised by diversity of background, skill set and clientele, serving some of the most exciting corporate and not-for-profit entities in Australia.

They were founded on the premise that existing legal services often lack the pragmatism and real-world lens that is needed at the table to truly understand and deliver results for clients. Their founding principals’ legal expertise, combined with their diversity of backgrounds, makes them a unique team. They don’t just bring an excellent understanding of black-letter law: they balance it with an insightful understanding of realworld factors at play on organisations and individuals.

Personifying this ethos is their approach to the litigation process: while pursuing their clients’ interest to the tenth degree, they specialise in alternative pathways to dispute resolution, including mediation. In doing so, they are defined by their culturally and commercially sensitive approach to each case they handle.

Partnered Services

Through NZF's partnership with LawBridge we aim to ensure that the clients in our programs such as Healing Forward (Domestic Violence), Together Outside (Inmates), Respecting Elders and Silver Lining (Single Parents) programs have access to legal advice and services. Lawbridge also provides Islamic Will (Wasiyah) service to support our Endless Rewards (Waqf) program.

In addition LawBridge is a partner in the E.A.S.E. Pathway program, whereby they can help guide and assist anyone that is interested in a legal career.

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