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About Sacred Balance

Sacred Balance located in Victoria is run by Selma Cook (also known as Velma) a holistic therapist. Selma’s work is built on an Islamic framework, the Prophetic model. Her services include life coaching, individual counselling, couples counselling, trauma therapy and mindfulness. Selma also does Pre-Marital Mentorship, to help couples discover more about each other, acknowledge the strengths in their relationship, work on the areas that need growth and to define expectations and goals before getting married.

A lot of her work is helping people who have been impacted by various forms of family violence. She aims to empower individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.

Personalised Approach

She listens to you, values you and respects your commitment to the counselling process. Her aim is to communicate and connect with people in a way that smooths the way to healing and empowerment.

Selma has travelled extensively and worked in community engagement for many years. She has worked as a prison chaplain, a mentor, and a trainer (organising and facilitating workshops and events). She is dedicated to helping people heal, grow, and thrive.

Specialised Sessions

· Healthy relationships

· Personal/Professional breakthrough (assist you on your journey to define your goals, remove the barriers that prevent you attaining them and take the steps towards them.)

· Confidence building

· Dealing with stress and anxiety

· Let go of the past

. Be job ready! Discover your abilities, values and direction. Receive coaching, mentoring, and practice interviews and public speaking.

Partnered Services

Sacred Balance will assist NZF clients who need counselling services.

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