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About Holistic Counselling with Zeynep

Holistic Counselling with Zeynep is a teletherapy service that began to provide accessible and affordable counselling to all women. Women have a major role in shaping the next generation, and it’s vital that the woman’s emotional, physical, and mental needs be honoured in order that she continue to thrive as a healthy member of society and pass down healthy cycles by raising an EQ generation to follow after her.

HCWZ offers 1-1 counselling service to women of all ages, backgrounds of the Islamic faith. There focus is on helping women heal from their past traumas, childhood wounds and intergenerational patterns that they have unconsciously been showing up from their whole lives.

HCWZ aims to empower women in equipping them with the resilience, mindset and skills to break inherited beliefs, behaviours and patterns.

Holistic Counselling with Zeynep also adopts a Holistic approach to all of their sessions by focusing on the individual as a whole. What this means is your counsellor will have a particular interest in knowing; are you able to regulate your nervous system? How is your mindset perceiving the difficult situation, are you able to look at what you’re facing as a challenge to overcome or as a roadblock that will hold you back? What does a Divine existence mean for you when we look at the bigger picture as to why things happen to us?

Working with clients in this way allows both client and counsellor to understand where the gaps in their healing journey are and how to overcome them. As a service, it is also important that they incorporate an Islamic lens when working with women who find they need a spiritual spark to reignite the connection to the difficult situations they are currently facing and revive their faith.

Partnered Services

Holistic Counselling with Zeynep will assist NZF female clients who need counselling for mental health and trauma.

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