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United Muslims of Australia (UMA)

Community Services

About UMA

The United Muslims of Australia (UMA) is a not-for-profit Muslim Dawah Community Organization that promotes the mainstream understanding of Islam.

The goal of the UMA is to establish and provide an Islamic alternative for the youth and to continue working with the broader community for generations to come. This alternative is accomplished by fulfilling and providing services and facilities in all areas required by the youth.

The UMA provide a wide range of services, not limited to

  • Sydney Islamic College
  • Australian New Muslim Association
  • UMA Sisterhood
  • ZamZam Hajj & Umrah
  • Sydney Muslim Youth
  • Islamic Media International
  • Gift a Smile
  • UMA Gym
  • Social Services
  • Religious Advice & Support

Shared values with NZF

Services provided by the UMA are naturally an extension of the objective of Zakat in supporting & empowering our community. The partnership with the UMA enables NZF to refer clients to their services, when we know that their needs are beyond just financial or in cases where they may not be Zakat eligible.

This allows NZF to extend beyond our current scope, through partnerships with organisations such as the UMA, to holistically tackle issues in our community at the grass roots and provide those in need with this much needed support.

Would you like to partner with NZF?

If you are an individual, company, business, service or organisation, you can become a Program Partner by financially supporting and funding our programs, either through the means of Zakat or Sadaqah.

You can also become a Service Partner by providing essential services such as Quran classes, counselling, mentoring, tutoring etc. for our programs.

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Service Partnerships

Through their varied programs, the UMA is a service partner for many of the NZF programs and services, not limited to the below

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