Falsely Accused

June 13, 2023

Dawud's life took an unexpected turn when he found himself falsely accused of domestic violence towards his disabled wife, resulting in an AVO that prevented them from reuniting. His wife, unaware of the reasons behind her family's actions, desired to return to Dawud, but the AVO stood as a barrier. Compounding the situation, his wife battled mental health issues, adding to the complexity of their circumstances.

To further exacerbate the challenges they faced, Dawud's daughter lived with her mother, who relied on government benefits. Dawud's daughter revealed that whenever she asked her mother for money, she claimed to have none.

Since the separation, Dawud assumed sole responsibility for his daughter’s education, food, healthcare, clothing, excursions, and social activities. However, his efforts were hindered by the difficulty of securing employment due to the stigma associated with the DV accusation. Dawud relied on government payments to make ends meet, but they proved insufficient to cover his own expenses as well as his child’s.

Feeling trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, he recognised the importance of maintaining good health for the sake of his daughter, as her mother relied on others for assistance in caring for her. Concerns for his child’s mental well-being weighed heavily on Dawud, knowing the impact of the separation on his young daughter.

Dawud's case painted a picture of a devoted father battling against circumstances beyond his control. The support he sought extended beyond monetary aid; it encompassed the desire for his child to engage in healthy physical activities and grow beyond the confines of internet-based interactions.

Dawud reached out to the National Zakat Foundation for support by applying through our website. After carefully assessing his circumstances, we determined that he meets the eligibility criteria for Zakat assistance. Recognising the urgency of his situation, we provided him with immediate financial aid to address his pressing needs. Dawud's case is currently under our ongoing care and support as we continue to assist him in navigating his challenges.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

Silver Lining (Single Parent)

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