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About Fitrah Counselling

Fitrah Counselling, is a holistic practice working at the intersection of Islamic spirituality and mental health practice.

Malakeh Mourad is the founding director and principle Counsellor, member of The Psychological Counselling Association of Australia (PACFA) with over 15 years’ experience. She brings to her practice a powerful synergy of experience, passion for healing, personal and spiritual growth and development. She has worked in mental health and employment services, community, youth empowerment, and business development sectors. Malakeh is currently working toward an accreditation in Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP) and a Diploma in Islamic Psychology. 

Fitrah refers to a person’s natural state of being; an innate natural predisposition inclined towards good and to know and to submit to Allah – a spiritual wholeness. The return to Fitrah is an invitation Malakeh takes great pride in extending to clients and is based on her own healing journey and homecoming journey reclaiming her Fitrah, back to self, Allah and ultimately back to Love. 

Malakeh proactively supports individuals to journey inwardly, to understand themselves, align their purpose and actualize their fullest potential, from the inside out. In this way they attain psycho-spiritual integration and inner peace, An-nafs al-mutma’innah (‘the self-made tranquil’).

With sensitivity and compassion, Malakeh supports individuals, couples, vulnerable youth, men and women from culturally and linguistically diverse and faith backgrounds as well as people with disabilities across a range of interpersonal experiences. Using a strength-based approach she works with the individual to meet them where they are in their personal journey, taking into consideration their brand of spirituality and respective cultural and world views.

Malakeh provides practical solutions to help individuals resolve problems and long-standing patterns with a person centered, faith and evidence-based approach. Blending conventional and alternative methodologies, she draws on a variety of styles and techniques tailored to each client for optimal results.

Malakeh brings her lived experience as a wife and mother, coupled with her holistic approach to her practice.

Services include; 

  • Individual Counselling
  • Good Beginnings Marriage Course and Mentorship
  • Group work and Workshops
  • Women's circles
  • Retreats 

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Fitrah Counselling will assist NZF clients who need counselling services.

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