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Smiling Minds

Helping Australian Muslims lift themselves up from the impacts of mental health issues.

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Why the Smiling Minds program?

The issue of mental health in the Australian Muslim community has long been a taboo topic. A Muslim suffering from a mental health condition would often be stigmatised for not being able to bolster themselves solely with the power of their faith. However in the past decade, the Muslim community has started to understand the psychology and connections between mental health, spirituality and religion to better help Muslims who suffer from mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Through the Smiling Minds, we aim to provide Australian Muslims access to certified services and resources that can support their individual growth, improvements in their mental health and reconnection with their faith; while raising awareness about the issue of mental health in partnership with local Islamic, non-government and government organisations for the wider community.

Who is this program for?

The Smiling Minds program is to assist Muslims who require support with their mental health condition as well as Muslims who would like to maintain their mental health and wellbeing in all aspects of life. We aim to provide services that can cater for families, couples, children and youth, individuals living with trauma etc.

Support provided through this program includes, but is not limited to, counselling and psychotherapy sessions with a professional, activities to improve wellbeing, mentoring, support activities for youth and children, financial assistance and more.

Eligibility & Application process

The application and validation process is done by the NZF Team with confidentiality. Any information given will only be used to determine the best way we can help you.

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