Her Dreams Shattered

September 14, 2022

Halima was ecstatic when her spouse visa was granted, and she could finally live with her husband in Australia. During her flight, Halima couldn't help but think about all the wonderful things she and her husband would now get to do together, all the places they would visit and the fond memories they will make.

Halima’s hopes and dreams were shattered when she arrived at the airport and was greeted with disrespectful behaviour from her husband. She thought maybe he was under stress but as time passed, Halima couldn't understand why her husband was very rude and unloving towards her. When she gave birth to their first child, her husband became even more distant, and then he started yelling and belittling her. After some time, the day came when Halima's husband physically hit her for the first time. She was heartbroken and confused at her husband's behavior. She thought to herself ‘What could I have done wrong?’ The beatings and abuse became a living nightmare.

An incident occurred that was a turning point for Halima, who knew she needed to leave this abusive relationship as she wasn’t the one to blame. This was a difficult decision as she had no family or income and she found it difficult to communicate as English was her second language. But she took the brave step and did it.

When Halima contacted NZF, she was struggling to support herself and her child after fleeing an abusive relationship. She was on a Spouse Visa and was still waiting to hear back from Centrelink. Halima needed daily living support, so we assisted her with our Healing Forward program, dedicated towards domestic violence, as well as with bills, furniture, and ongoing financial fortnightly assistance until her Centrelink payments commenced. 

Halima's child was enrolled in our Recite to Rise program so her child could continue their Islamic education. To empower Halima, NZF also helped enrol her in Arise Foundations, English classes so she can be job ready and NZF's Back to School Assistance Program for her child.

 Your Zakat and Sadaqah are important to NZF so we can help women like Halima who are not protected but also violated by their husbands. Keep donating to support the local community in Australia.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

Healing Forward (Domestic & Family Violence)

The Healing Forward program is to raise awareness, assist survivors of domestic and family violence, which includes both men & women as well as children under their care that they simply do not have the means to provide for.

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