Domestic Violence victim turned entrepreneur

November 17, 2019

Meet Salma, a single mother with three young daughters. Salma was also a victim of Domestic Violence who was forced to move out to protect herself and her daughters from her abusive husband.

Salma and her children were financially completely reliant on her husband, as is the case with many families. Escaping DV, she was on her own, and with the help of a few friends who collected some funds for her, she was able to find a small home to rent. She still had TRF and rego costs for the car, which she needed to drop and pick her kids from school.

She was referred to NZF by a local Islamic Organisation, and we assisted with initial costs in relation to her car as well as some previous fines she had in her name to address her immediate need, so she could continue with her life.

Over the next year or so, Salma was living on the edge, making just sufficient money through Centrelink and her part time job to keep her family afloat. While she generally would not reach out to NZF for assistance, there were a couple of unexpected high expenses during this time during which NZF had assisted her.

In 2018, Salma approached NZF for support to start her own business. At NZF, our aim is to empower those in need to help them stand on their own feet and we welcome people like Salma.

Salma was extremely hard working and wanted to set something up for her to be financially independent. The NZF team helped discuss her business plan, got her in touch with financial planners and other experts to help her set up a sustainable business.

Alhamdulillah, her business has now grown 6 fold since she started last year. In addition she has enrolled in a diploma course to further strengthen her skills to grow her business.

Salma is a hard working, single mother who was a victim of domestic violence with 3 young daughters to look after. She worked hard, and your Zakat supported her both at times of an emergency when she had to escape DV as well as to empower her later to establish her business to make her financially sustainable.

This is how your Zakat is transforming our community right here in Australia.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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