Thrown out of her home with her unborn baby!

May 7, 2020

Like many 21 year old young women Sabra was in love. She was styding in Uni in Somalia and had met Ahmed in Uni. It had taken a while for her parents to agree to them getting married. However they wanted them to finish their studies first.

While in their last semester, Ahmed got an opportunity to do an exchange semeter in Sydney. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, he came to Sydney, finished his studies and was successful in getting his permanent residency. Sabra patiently waited during this time and once she had the opportunity she got a tourist visa and came to Australia.

Like many couples, Ahmed sponsored her for a partner visa and everything seemed like it was going to settle down soon with Sabra and Ahmed finally about to start their life together in Australia.

One day, Sabra discovered she was pregnant. When Ahmed found out, he became a different man. Overnight, he threw her out of their home and renounced his sponsorship for her Partner Visa, and did not want to see her again.

With no where to go, Sabra was taken in by a Non Muslim charity shelter. She was afraid to go back home where she would be ostracized, unsupported and bullied by her community for being pregnant and single. The charity reached out to NZF to see how we could help Sabra.

Sabra is one of the more fortunate sisters who was able to find shelter, albeit at a non Muslim charity. At NZF, we receive many cases who are are literally living on the streets. We are working closely with the charity to ensure Sabra has a safe place to stay while at the same time we are exploring options to move her to a Muslim shelter.

In the mean time your Zakat is going towards assisting her with the cost to purchase essentials for her soon to be born baby as well as legal & living expenses for the next few months. Once she has her baby, insha Allah we will be focussing on empowering her to stand on her own two feet.

We pray that we are able to continue supporting people like Sabra who are in desperate need of help from the local Muslim community.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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