Saleha: How gambling destroys a marriage

September 27, 2019

Saleha was an aspiring student with a supportive husband and was studying in one of Australia’s leading universities. She dropped out soon after discovering that she was pregnant as she was determined to raise her child as a stay-at-home mother, which was possible due to their family’s stable income.

Everything changed when she found out about her husband’s gambling problem. He became very secretive about his finances and began to secretly visit the local pub to satisfy his addiction. Saleha followed her husband one day, and caught him in the act. She managed to discover all the gambling transactions he had made at the local pub and confronted him about it.

Saleha had enough. She put her foot down and filed for a divorce. Her husband moved out from the house, leaving her alone with their child and all the financial commitments.

In the past couple of months, things were not working out for Saleha with her being unemployed. When she approached NZF, she was struggling to move from one rental to another. NZF helped to sort her financial situation and get her back on her feet.

Gambling not only damages the lives of those who are addicted to it, it also damages the lives of their loved ones.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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