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Essentials Vouchers

Providing access to basic needs for Muslims in need.

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Why the Essentials Vouchers program?

In times of severe financial difficulties, we have seen Muslims in need struggling to afford basic household items, food and medication to support themselves and their families. Due to this local need, NZF established an Essentials Vouchers system in 2013 for Muslim households around Australia. This ensured that they could securely access local services and were given the ability to choose essentials suited to their personal needs.

Over the years, NZF has moved on from food drives to establish its own essentials voucher system in partnership with small businesses and vendors around Australia in order to help reduce wastage, empower the receivers to buy their preferred essentials, while securing an income stream for these local vendors that have signed up for this program.

Who is this program for?

The Essentials Vouchers program is designed to assist Muslims in need in Australia who are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to afford daily essentials due to a variety of reasons such as unemployment, homelessness, other critical expenses etc.

We are always looking to increase our network – so if you are a local store in Australia that provides general groceries, halal meat, pharmaceutical products or other essentials, please contact NZF via or 1300 663 729 to sign up as a vendor.

Eligibility & Application process

If you need help with accessing essential items for yourself and your family, please send your application below.

The application and validation process is done by the NZF Team with confidentiality. Any information given will only be used to determine the best way we can help you.

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If you are an individual, company, business, service or organisation, you can become a Program Partner by financially supporting and funding our programs, either through the means of Zakat or Sadaqah.

You can also become a Service Partner by providing essential services in your local area as a vendor for items such as general groceries, halal meat, pharmaceutical products or other essential items within Australia.

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