When the person you rely on most turns their back on you

August 7, 2019

Catherine accepted Islam while at school in Year 11, but did not disclose this to her family. A short time later met Hassan and they got married, but still stayed home while they completed their studies. Catherines main source of income was her fortnightly youth allowance of $400.

Things were going well for them until March 2019 when Catherine’s family became aware of her new Faith. They began to abuse her verbally and physically, at one point even the police got involved.

> Catherine’s new found Faith was further tested when she failed to get support from the one person she most relied on, her husband.

Under pressure from his family, Hassan panicked and turned his back on his young wife, abandoning her at this critical time. As the situation at her home worsened, Catherine suddenly found herself on the streets on her own. Alhumdulillah she still had small support network of friends, who gave her temporary shelter and one of them referred her to the National Zakat Foundation.

Our caseworkers assessed her situation, saw that she had a good support network, and assisted this support network by providing financial help to allow Catherine to get back on her feet and stablise her life and help her integrate into the wider Muslim Community.

Catherine is currently living with a family member and recovering from the trauma she has endured over the past few years, Alhamdulillah. We will be following up with her in a month to ensure she is okay and if there is anything else we can help with. When she is ready, our caseworkers will be there to help navigate the next phase of her new life, by referring her to appropriate services and providing financial assistance when required, with the aim of helping her become an independent strong Muslimah.

> Reverts are one of the most vulnerable minorities in the community.

Despite the Christchurch tragedy showing an outpouring of support & compassion towards the Muslim community, we still sadly find an increase in the hate towards Muslims. In Catherine’s case, we were fortunate to be able to help her with food vouchers and financial aid to get her back on her feet, and will insha Allah see her turn her life around.

This is how your Zakat is making an impact locally, right here in our community. Thank you for your support.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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