From Gaza to Australia

February 16, 2024

Ibrahim was living in Gaza with his wife for many years before having to return to Australia in December 2023 after the war began. Both his children were studying abroad; however, that’s all on hold now due to the events taking place in Gaza.

Currently, one of his children and his wife are stuck in Egypt, while his other child is in another country. Despite his wife being granted a visitor's visa (subclass 600), Ibrahim couldn't afford to bring her to Australia. The emotional toll of displacement and loss weighs heavily on Ibrahim, who had sacrificed years to ensure a promising future for his children, which changed overnight, losing everything he worked hard for.

Struggling emotionally, Ibrahim often goes days without eating, prioritising sending most of his income to his stranded family. A community member referred Ibrahim to NZF. A Zakat assessment revealed Ibrahim's need for ongoing support until he gets back on his feet. Your Zakat has helped eased his immediate needs and now his concentrating on reuniting his family.

Inshallah, when his family arrives in Australia from Gaza, his wife will be enrolled in our Gaza Assistance Program, receiving ongoing financial support until they are all settled.

This is local Zakat in action, building resilience and giving hope to vulnerable members within our community.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance and unsure about Zakat eligibility, please reach out to us at NZF.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

Hearts for Palestine

Assisting People arriving from Gaza to Australia

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