Would you be able to bear such a test from Allah?

July 28, 2020

The call Halifa dreaded from the doctors. Her surgery was not succesful and her cancer was now at Stage 4.

Halifa and her husband lived in Melbourne with a disabled daugther. Things were difficult but they were able to manage Alhamdulillah. Things changed when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and 7 years ago Halifa lost her husband. She now had the responsibility to look after their daughter herself. Being a single mother with full time work and caring for a disabled adult kept Halifa busy. Often she was exhausted and terribly missed not having her husband with her but she got used to it.

3 years later Allah tested her once again. Halifa was now diagnosed with cancer as well. The doctors immediately put her on chemotherapy to try and get a grip on the cancer before it spread. Halifa had to temporarily stop work, and split her time between caring for her daughter and her cancer treatments. Her condition gradually worsened. While both her and her daughter were receiving disability payments, they were still short of money on a monthly basis. Halifa contacted NZF for assistance in 2019 and we started assisting with cost of food and other essentials through cash payments as well as our food vouchers.

Unfortunately earlier this year Halifa was put on palliative care. When our team spoke to her, Halifa was unable to speak properly and was exhausted. Her time now was only spent in medical appointments. She also told us that her daughter was recently diagnosed with the same cancer and is undergoing biopsies subhan Allah. She is sick with worry about what will happen to her daughter and how she will care for her.

These are extremely difficult tests that Allah puts on an individual like Halifa but she has braved through them. Your Zakat plays a vital role in cases like Halifa's where any support to alleviate the need they have for essentials like food, clothing, etc. will be a big help so they can continue with the medical treatment they need. We pray that Allah continue to give us the ability to assist people like Halifa through your Zakat.

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All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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