Suffering in Silence

July 1, 2023

Maysa's journey started off with hope and excitement, she got married overseas and a couple of years later her husband decided to move back to Australia to start a new life with her and their child. However, her dreams quickly turned into a nightmare as her husband unleashed a cruel cycle of physical and financial abuse upon her. Despite having a child, he callously disregarded their well-being, subjecting them to ongoing abuse.

Isolated and neglected for years, Maysa found herself trapped in a world of despair. Stripped of her voice and denied access to basic healthcare, she suffered in silence, unable to communicate her needs due to her limited English. Under the oppressive control of her abuser, her health steadily declined.

But one fateful day a compassionate individual witnessed her suffering and took action, contacting the police to intervene. With their help, Maysa finally escaped her abuser and found sanctuary in a safe place, where she could begin to rebuild her life, with her child by her side.

During this critical transition, NZF received a referral from another organisation already assisting Maysa. Fast tracking Maysa's application due to the urgency of her situation, we found she is indeed eligible for Zakat. With your Zakat we have assisted Maysa with essential needs, such as paying rent, bills, and groceries. We will continue to support Maysa until she gains the confidence and stability necessary to independently provide for herself and her child.

If you or someone you know is trapped in a toxic abusive relationship and needs assistance, please reach out to NZF.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

Healing Forward (Domestic & Family Violence)

Taking a step closer to tackling Domestic and Family Violence, one of the greatest challenges faced by the Australian Muslim community.

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