A victim of domestic violence - not once but twice!

July 23, 2020

Aisha sought asylum in Australia partly to live in a safe country and party to escape her abusive husband. She managed to get her young kids under the care of her mother and sought asylum in Australia. After a year in Australia on a bridging visa with no benefits, Aisha remarried but only to be a victim of domestic violence again! She called the police and they arrested her husband but now she was on her own.

She found casual jobs and was able to pay rent until the COVID pandemic, when she lost her job. She turned to a non Muslim organisation who assisted her with one weeks accomodation and referred her to NZF. Aisha needed desperate assistance with funds for housing else she was about to become homeless. Something that also came as a surprise to her and us - she needed nearly $1000 to process her divorce through the required Islamic channels.

How did NZF help?

When our team spoke to Aisha, she was sick due to worry. The team at NZF is now assisting Aisha with her costs and also working with her on training so she can find a job to support herself. Aisha is a hardworking woman and we have no doubt she will be able find a job soon insha Allah, bring her kids to Australia and tranform from a Zakat receiver to a Zakat payer!

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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