Her world turned upside down

May 8, 2020

Zaina's marriage had been going downhill for a while. With 5 kids, the demands of keeping up with the children's needs as well as keeping her husband happy were beginning to take a toll on her relationship with her husband.

She noticed the time he spent at home reduced gradually. He would spend more time out at work or with friends. Zaina was OK with this and she assumed things would get better once the kids grew up and she would have more time.

But when the lockdown restrictions due to COVID19 started and her husband was working from home, she realised how tense things were between them. It was days of yelling or days of silence with nothing in between.

Until one day, her husband told her he had a second marriage. And he wanted his other wife to move in with him, and gave Zaina and the kids 3 days to move out.

That was the day things changed for Zaina. From having a home and financial support to having nothing and being homeless. As Zaina reached out to community groups for help, another sister who was also financially struggling reached out to her and together they found a rental house.

But Zaina had no income or money and through one of her friends reached out to NZF for assistance so they would be able to pay the bond and move in as soon as possible.

The NZF team fast tracked Zaina's application and immediately provided her with funds to cover her bond and one months rent. We have also provided her with food vouchers. We are also assisting Zaina to complete the necessary procedures with Centrelink so she can start receiving assistance from them soon insha Allah.

Zaina is forunate that she is a citizen and insha Allah, along with Centrelink and support from the community will be able to get back on her own feet soon.

We need your Zakat now more than ever to help people like Zaina. Be generous, think about those in need in our local community.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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