Building a new life as a migrant mother

April 1, 2022

Motherhood comes with its challenges which are often eased by the support of loved ones. However for Latifa, she didn’t have that luxury and had challenges of her own to face.

Latifa migrated to Australia with her husband and child on a spouse visa with great expectations for their new life. Sadly, not long after this move, her husband decided that he didn’t want to take part in this relationship anymore. He left Latifa and abandoned their child who had just crossed the tender age of 2.

With barely any English skills nor a dollar to her name to keep things going in their lives, Latifa lost hope in her ability to provide herself and her child basic needs in life. She was not entitled to any government support as a new migrant and so she could not afford to pay for any daily expenses, essentials or the rental home she was in. During these times, she tried to reconcile with her husband to get some form of child support from him but things weren’t progressing for Latifa and her child. Meanwhile, she maintained her connections with the local Muslim community who provided her the emotional support she needed to help her adapt to her new reality.

Alhamdulillah, soon enough Latifa was referred by a community member to National Zakat Foundation so we could help ease her burdens. Our team of caseworkers provided emergency assistance for her daily needs and essentials, and she was given access to Crisis Accommodation as quickly as possible. Latifa was also connected to a number of partnered services which she and her child could benefit from, along with resources that empowered her to stand on her feet.

Latifa’s story is more evidence that distributing Zakat locally in Australia does change real lives, especially of vulnerable individuals who have nowhere to turn except to the Muslim community here in this country. Whether that be through financing their needs or paying for services that empower them to improve their lives, your Zakat today can change someone’s tomorrow.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

Crisis Accommodation

The Crisis Accommodation program is designed to support Muslim individuals and families who are currently homeless, or at risk of homelessness, due to a history of violence or difficulties with staying at home. We hope to help them all grow out of their traumas and succeed together as Muslims in the Australian community.

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