Why are these people homeless?

August 6, 2020

Homelessness is a choice people say. Or something people deserve because they are lazy. Here are 6 people who have reached out to NZF for assistance in the past few weeks either due to being homeless or at risk of being homeless. We'll let you be the judge as to why they ended up in this situation

Tara - A single mum with 2 young kids. Used all her savings in paying for the bond for a rental place and for school fees for her children. She was kicked out of her previous accommodation and just had enough funds to stay at a hotel until they were able to move into the new place. Unfortunately due to a safety concern, council did not allow them to move in on the planned date. She had no money left to continue staying at the hotel and was at risk of being homeless for a week with her two young kids!

Salman - An international student who was hit by a car while working as a delivery rider for Uber Eats. Is currently undergoing treatment, has no income and is at risk of being unable to continue paying rent.

Ziad - An international student who was kicked out of his share accommodation for being unable to pay rent. Lost his Uber license and has been unable to get work due to COVID. Currently sleeping in his car.

Saima - A victim of domestic violence with a 2 year old daughter. Currently in a non-Muslim crisis accommodation. Her case worker got in touch with NZF asking if we can assist Saima financially to find a rental place as they will only be able to provide her accommodation for 2 more weeks

Adel - On a bridging visa E with no benefits. Lost job as a Uber driver due to COVID. Is currently homeless and receiving assistance from a non-Muslim organisation. Called NZF to check if a Muslim organisation would be able to help him.

Suleiman - Was working on a farm but lost his job due to COVID. On a bridging visa with no benefits. 4 weeks in arrears of rental payments and risk of being kicked out by room mates for being unable to pay rent.

These are real stories of real people, right here in Australia who were doing everything they could to be able to afford to have a roof over their heads. Unfortunately they have hit difficult times. To aggravate the situation, COVID is making things significantly worse for those relying on casual work as a primary source of income. These are just SOME of the stories behind homelessness in Australia, but is not exhaustive and we have many more reasons why people might end up being homeless. Reverts being kicked out of homes, children running away from violent parents and one case where we had a couple throw their own elderly parents out of their home!

Homelessness is a real issue within the Muslim community and the wider Australian community.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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