When the one you raise turns against you

May 21, 2020

72 year old Yusuf and his wife came to Australia to visit their daughter on a visit visa. They applied for a protection visa once in Australia as it was unsafe for them to go back to their home country due to the prosecution of Muslims there.

Alhamdulillah, their daugher was willing to support them and they were all living together along with her husband and two children. Gradually Yusuf and his son in law started having issues and things went from bad to worse. Their son in law started abusing them, even physically hitting them in some instances and very soon it was evident they had to leave as it was unsafe.

What saddened Yusuf the most was that even their daugher sided with her husband and turned against her parents.

With nowhere to go, elderly Yusuf and his wife found a non Muslim refuge that offered to let them stay for one week. They referred them to NZF to see how we could help.

When our team spoke to Yusuf, he started sobbing. He had no money, multiple health issues and was not even sure of how to start looking for work or anything to do with that. Him and his wife were still in shock of being thrown out by their own daugher and her family. They were scared being told that in one week they will have no place to live and knew no one else in Australia.This is not how they expected when they moved to Australia, let alone spending their first Ramadan here.

Alhamdulillah, we were able to move Yusuf and his wife into one of our crisis accomodations immediately so they could stay there until we were able to assist them to sort ouf their centrelink payments and insha Allah find a place to stay. We will be working closely with them given their elderly status, being new to Australia and not being able to deal with the situation they are currently in.

This is how your Zakat is supporting those in need, right here in our community. As our case worker said upon first seeing this case

"I am saddened to see elderly Muslim parents be in such a situation while their children are alive. May the almighty bless us with righteous children."


All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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