Restoring Dignity and Comfort

June 21, 2023

Ali and Haya, an elderly married couple, with no family to assist them, faced significant challenges. Unable to communicate in English, they were referred to us for assistance. They were burdened by card debt and desperately needed a washing machine as Haya had been tirelessly hand-washing their clothes since their machine broke down. Recognising the language barrier, NZF assigned a case worker fluent in their language to assess their eligibility for Zakat assistance.

With your Zakat, Ali and Haya received a brand-new washing machine, and we also took care of their card debt. Additionally, we provided financial aid for groceries and medicine ensuring they could meet their basic needs.

This support aimed to alleviate their hardships, enabling Ali and Haya to experience improved living conditions and restore a sense of dignity.

If you know of anyone facing similar struggles like Ali and Haya, please reach out to NZF on their behalf.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

Respecting Elders

Helping our elders live a fulfilled and dignified life.

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