I hate to be that person who needs to ask again

October 7, 2022

At NZF, we always hope that clients we assist become self-sustainable and move from Zakat receivers to Zakat payers. However, we understand that sometimes people unfortunately face repeated circumstances where they find themselves needing help again.

Fariha was one such client, who reached out to us last month, 3 years after we had initially assisted her. In 2019, when she had moved to Australia as an Asylum Seeker, Fariha was on a Bridging Visa with limited working rights. Struggling to find housing, NZF had assisted her with the bond she needed for a shared accommodation. She was then able to find odd jobs that provided her with enough of a cash flow to stay afloat.

3 years later, she still has limited working rights with a similar cash flow as before. However, her rental costs have increased by almost 40% in the last 3 years and she can no longer afford it. She now has 3 months of rental arrears and has been handed her eviction notice. She took it up with the tribunal which got over-turned. She was forced to move out and having no place to go was homeless for a while. She spent nights in her car and for the last couple of weeks has been couch surfing with a few friends. She has now found a cheaper place to rent but needs assistance with the bond, again. She lost her previous bond which was used to pay off her arrears.

Fariha hesitantly reached out to NZF, unsure of whether or not we would help someone for a second time. At NZF, we do not have any caps on how many times we will assist someone. Our team assessed her situation and assisted her with the financial assistance she needed to secure her new rental property.

Unfortunately, with the drastic increase in living costs in recent times, we are seeing many families now struggling, who were previously able to make ends meet. Your local Zakat is helping many Muslims like Fariha stay afloat during these difficult times. Thank you for your support.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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