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Fostering Hope (Foster Care)

Supporting Muslim foster families and children to grow together.


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Why the Fostering Hope Program?

The Australian Muslim community is starting to see the increasing need of more Muslim families to become Foster Parents. We believe that in order to ensure the best upbringing of Muslim foster children, we need to provide them a healthy and positive family environment where they can live happily and follow role models of good Islamic values.

The Fostering Hope Program has been established to raise awareness for this need, collaborate with Islamic welfare and national agencies to facilitate assignment of Muslim foster children to welcoming Muslim Families.

Who is this program for?

The Fostering Hope Program is to assist families willing to care for a foster child, for children who have been orphaned or without legal guardians. The assistance we provide can include facilitative support to ensure the children are safely handed to the right families, financial support for foster families in need along with support in various aspects of living through services such as mentoring, community care, extracurricular activities for youth and children, and more.

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National Zakat Foundation Australia is running the Fostering Hope Program in partnership with the below service partners.

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