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Benevolence Australia

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About Benevolence Australia

Benevolence Australia is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to serving the Australian community through the teachings exemplified and inspired by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  

Benevolences’ methodology epitomises love and mercy to all. Their goal is to facilitate the path of connectedness between the human experience and The Divine. 

All Benevolence initiatives endeavour to embody their vision of "Seeking The Creator Through Conscious Living". They welcome you to Benevolence on your journey of faith.

Benevolence run a number of programs that benefit our community, some of these programs include Convert Care, BeneKids and BeneBubs. Benevolence is located in Doncaster, Melbourne.

Partnered Services

Benevolence will assist NZF clients with providing classes and events not just for new Muslims but for a range of different programs that benefits our community.

Would you like to partner with us?

If you are an individual, company, business, service or organisation, you can become a Program Partner by financially supporting and funding our programs, either through the means of Zakat or Sadaqah.

You can also become a Service Partner by providing essential services such as Quran classes, counselling, mentoring, tutoring etc. for our programs.

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Benevolence is a service partner for our programs below.

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