The Unwanted Orphan

May 10, 2020

Leyla was in her 60s. She lived in Sydney, has multiple medical issues, and lives with her two sons. One of her sons is going through a difficult divorce while the other son is unmarried and is currently supporting all 3 of them.

Finances were tight, but between the three of them they make things work. Things could be better but Alhamdulllah Leyla was grateful for the little she had.

When Leyla found out about Ayesha, the 8 year old girl who was disowned by her father, her heart broke. She found out that Ayesha's father was in Sydney while her mother was back in their home country.

Ayesha's father was now married to another women and no longer wanted to have anything to do with Ayesha and put her up in the foster care system. Ayesha was being bounced around a few non Muslim homes and had run away from the last one.

Despite her own medical condition & financial constraints, Leyla could not ignore this Muslim girls' need and took her into her home to gave her a safe place to stay. She also started the paperwork to become a foster parent. Until she received any funding, she reached out to NZF to request for some interim assistance so she could continue to give Ayesha a safe place to live and not have to run away.

NZF assisted by providing crisis funding to purchase clothes, food and other essentials for Ayesha. NZF also funded a one off payment for Leyla so she could use it for day to day living expenses for Ayesha such as transport. We will also be in touch with Leyla in case she needs further assistance either with her application process or funding.

May Allah reward people like such as Leyla who take it upon themselves to not ignore the need of needy Muslims in our community. Pay your Zakat locally. This is how it can empower our local community to make a difference.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

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