In the Time of Grief

June 12, 2023

Ridwan's world came crashing down when he walked into our office that morning. The weight of his grief was evident in the tear-stained face and the sorrowful eyes that pleaded for understanding. He had just lost his beloved wife, and the pain of her absence was overwhelming.

Through his tears, Ridwan shared his financial predicament. He worked hard to provide for their everyday living expenses, but the unexpected funeral costs loomed like a mountain before him. The estimated amount, a staggering $11,000.

In his desperation, Ridwan admitted to having only $400 in savings, a small fraction of the substantial amount required to provide his wife with a proper burial.

To compound his despair, Ridwan and his wife had no family present in the area.

With a heavy heart, Ridwan turned to our office, seeking solace and financial assistance.

Regarding the urgency of Ridwan's situation, once our team assessed Ridwan as eligible for Zakat, we swiftly acted. We understood that a dignified burial was not only her rightful due as a Muslim but also an integral part of his own grieving process.

It was the impact of your Zakat that carried Ridwan through this deeply emotional period in his life. The generous support he received not only provided the means to give his beloved wife a dignified burial but granted the space and time to grieve without the added stress of financial strain.

All names and places have been changed to protect the identity of clients.

Dignified Ending (End-of-Life Support)

Supporting Australian Muslims and their families to prepare for the life Hereafter

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