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Toy Drive

Bringing joy and wonder to kids in disadvantaged circumstances


Why the Toy Drive program?

Being a child in disadvantaged circumstances such as financial hardship, being an orphan or with a critical medical condition can have detrimental effects on their mental health and wellbeing which hinders them from making the most out of life. For these children, sometimes a simple gesture of kindness through gifts and toys can be enough to help them cope through their challenges while providing ease to their families, carers and loved ones knowing that these children can still enjoy beautiful moments in life.

Through the Toy Drive program, our team of staff, volunteers, donors, and partners work together to distribute new toys to children in hospitals, schools and disadvantaged communities. We hope to help these kids by brightening their day with gifts, especially on celebratory days like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha for Muslim children.

Who is this program for?

The Toy Drive program is designed to assist and support young children to have a good quality of life and celebrate days where they find themselves sad and alone in challenging circumstances.

Support provided through this program includes, but is not limited to, distribution of toys and other types of gifts for children. We encourage Muslim families, carers and other children’s support groups in the community to apply and support this program to continue providing gifts for children during their most challenging times.

Eligibility & Application process

The application and validation process is done by the NZF Team with confidentiality. Any information given will only be used to determine the best way we can help you.

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If your local Quran school would like to participate and apply for this program grant, please complete the form below.

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National Zakat Foundation Australia is running the Toy Drive Program in partnership with the below service partners.

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