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Solar Energy Company

About Solarpreneur.

Solarpreneur. is one of Australia’s longest serving solar businesses, established and trusted since 2010.
They are ‘Veterans’ of the Solar Industry, being one of the first companies to initiate the solar power movement, during the ‘Early Adoption’ phase.
They have developed a strong customer focused approach emphasising superior customer service both before and after sale, quality components from world leading manufacturers combined with highly professional installations using their experienced teams of Clean Energy Council installers and designers.

Shared values with NZF

Solarpreneur. has been an advocate of local community support (through local Zakat) and National Zakat Foundation for many years. They believe that by supporting the orphaned children (Yateem) and their carers through the Brighter Futures Program, they hope to ensure a successful future for each child.  

Together in this partnership with Solarpreneur., we hope to provide the financial security, resources, support and guidance that these children need desperately for a healthy development.  

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The financial support and community advocacy provided by Solarpreneur. assists NZF in making these programs a success.

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