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About MCCA

MCCA started business in 1989 as a registered cooperative in the inner Melbourne suburb of Burwood with $20,000 and a vision to address the financial, banking and investment needs of the Australian Muslim community by offering Islamic finance products.

Today, MCCA is a national organisation that has facilitated over $1 Billion in Islamic home finance and manages close to $50 million in investments.

Shared Values with NZF

Similar to how Zakat empowers those in need, MCCA's core purpose is to empower Businesses and Families to achieve their financial goals, in accordance to Islamic principles.

With shared core values such as empowering our Muslim community while at the same time making an unequivocal commitment to the principles of Islam at all times, we are thankful to MCCA for playing a big role in supporting the work NZF does.

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If you are an individual, company, business, service or organisation, you can become a Program Partner by financially supporting and funding our programs, either through the means of Zakat or Sadaqah. You can also become a Service Partner by providing essential services such as Quran classes, counselling, mentoring, tutoring etc. for our programs.

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Program Partnerships

The programs made possible by MCCA funds.

Your support can make a difference!

You can share in the rewards by helping us build our programs through your Zakat and generous Sadaqah donations today.


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