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About Muhsen

Muhsen is a non-profit umbrella organisation that serves children and adults with any intellectual, mental, or physical disability to establish an inclusive and accessible environment for individuals with disabilities and their families. They actively advocate and educate, conduct training, and implement programs and services across North America to improve the experience within mosques, conventions, related classes and events, as well as to engender a positive and welcoming community for persons with disabilities.

Muhsen provides a range of programs and services across North America to improve the experience within mosques, and engender positive communities for those with disabilities.

Partnered Services

We will be partnering with Muhsen to provide Masjid Certification services for Mosques and prayer facilities in Australia. The MUHSEN Masjid Certification framework is founded based on the principle that during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad , he accommodated everyone in the community whether they were male, female, Arab, non-Arab, and also those that were disabled, and that included inclusiveness in the masjid. A blind companion would be the second muezzin behind Bilal. People with Disabilities were encouraged to go to the masjid  and were told to not use their disability as an excuse. Unfortunately, most mosques in Australia have a long way to go in this regard.
Through the MUHSEN Masjid Certification framework, National Zakat Foundation Australia will be working with Mosques & Prayer Facilities in Australia to provide support & certification guidelines to enable them to accommodate the special needs of those with disabilities in our community. Different levels of certification will be provided based on the facilities available, allowing those with disabilities to identify which Mosques they can attend, based on their needs. We will also be partnering with Muhsen to establish effective advocacy initiatives in Australia to raise awareness of the needs to Muslims with disabilities.

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