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About MobiStudios

MobiStudios is a product development and design business which includes a team of engineers and designers. With their knowledge in he field of manufacturing engineering and product development, they can create customised solutions for clients using hardware and software elements.

Their range of services include product development and design, 3D-printing, packaging, branding, professional photography and digital imaging including videography.

Partnered Services

NZF’s vision is for Islam to flourish in society as a source of prosperity and harmony for all. To be able to achieve this, we need our community to be one that is confident, self-sustainable and pious.

Through our partnership with MobiStudios, we aim to ensure that beneficiaries from the E.A.S.E. Pathway and Rising Stars programs are inspired to learn and adopt new skillsets to help them grow as Muslims in the Australian community.

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If you are an individual, company, business, service or organisation, you can become a Program Partner by financially supporting and funding our programs, either through the means of Zakat or Sadaqah.

You can also become a Service Partner by providing essential services such as Quran classes, counselling, mentoring, tutoring etc. for our programs.

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The specialised services and mentoring provided by MobiStudios assists NZF in making these programs a success.

Your support can make a difference!

You can share in the rewards by helping us build our programs through your Zakat and generous Sadaqah donations today.

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