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About EASE Counselling

EASE Counselling Services was founded in 2018 by Anne Suhaymah Armstrong, an active member from South East Queensland. She began her journey of discovery at the age of 18 which led her into a career of creativity through fine arts in Italy. At age 23, Anne embraced Islam and eventually returned to Australia with her family to continue building on her skills and qualifications as an artist, a teacher and counsellor. Today, she is a fully qualified professional counsellor with a Master of Counselling and have current membership with Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and a member of the ACA, College of supervisors. She is also a NDIS registered provider with verification compliance and offers Employee Assistance services.

For Anne, EASE Counselling was a path to combining all her experiences, skills and careers into a service that strives to help others. Her mission is to provide therapy for all individuals, couples and families working ‘alongside’ them to find resolution and EASE from difficulties in their lives. Furthermore, to facilitate hope and possibilities for the future.

Partnered Services

At NZF, we are often assisting those who are most vulnerable in our community. Single parents, those being abused by their partners, those homeless and no-where to go, and more. While financial assistance through Zakat will assist them with their immediate needs to establish safety & security, to truly achieve our mission to transform our community through Zakat, we need to go beyond just financial assistance.

EASE counselling, as one of our Service Partners, enable NZF to go beyond Zakat through their services around counselling and mentoring. Through this partnership, we hope to ensure that beneficiaries from the E.A.S.E. Pathway Program can help themselves by finding guidance in Anne's wealth of knowledge to reach their own potential.

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You can also become a Service Partner by providing essential services such as Quran classes, counselling, mentoring, tutoring etc. for our programs.

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The professional counselling and mentoring services provided by EASE Counselling assists NZF in making these programs a success.

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