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About Deaf Muslim Australia

Deaf Muslim Australia is run by a very passionate and proactive fully deaf sister residing in Sydney named Raian Hoblos.

Raian is an ambassador for the Muslim Deaf community and a strong advocate for women from a Lebanese Muslim background here in Australia. She delivers inspiring speeches in AUSLAN using sign language and educates AUSLAN interpreters to sign English to Arabic, words like Inshallah and Mashallah. 

Raian advocates for the Muslim Deaf community by creating awareness of the limited resources available for them especially when it comes to learning knowledge in Islam and the lack of representation in our Mosques. It is her goal to make sure our community is being Inclusive and aware that the needs of our deaf brothers and sisters are met, especially when it comes to Islamic knowledge, mosques and events.

Partnered Services

Deaf Muslim Australia will assist NZF deaf or hard of hearing clients with not only support; but keep them informed of exclusive events just for the deaf community and of new incentives available for them.

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