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Crescent Wealth

Islamic Superannuation

About Crescent Wealth

Crescent Wealth’s mission is powerful but simple: to ensure all Australians can protect and grow their retirement wealth through Islamic super without compromising their core values, and beliefs.

Since 2013, Crescent Wealth has helped thousands of Australians to protect and grow their superannuation, whilst helping steward humanity.

Their approach actively avoids investments in industries such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco, weaponry, and interest-earning organisations. They focus on profitable, asset-based investments that contribute to the advancement of humanity, forge community engagement, and cement responsible investing as an accessible option for all Australians.

Shared Values with NZF

The services that NZF and Crescent Wealth provide the community are complementary. While Crescent Wealth empowers our community to be able to grow their wealth, NZF ensures that we are supporting our community in being able to purify this wealth through Zakat. Both of these elements go hand in hand in order to please our Creator, and ultimately have even more blessings in our wealth.

In addition, Crescent Wealth strongly believe in investing in the grass roots of our community in order to really change lives, something that the Pillar of Zakat is strongly aligned with. Together, NZF and Crescent Wealth will be able to drive further much more effective change in our community insha Allah.

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